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The Antiques Tourist

Welcome to The Antiques Tourist!

Our guide covering

South West England 

Advertising in 2022

We are working on "The Antiques Tourist" for 2022. 

This will be our eighth season. 

We cover Dorset,Devon and Somerset, although distribution extends beyond this area.

Judging by current demand we expect this to be a reaL 


Well distributed; full colour; informative; regional maps; 

and a local "antiques road-trip".

What's not to like?

We shall be printing 50,000 copies for 2022. 

We have already booked our distribution contractors, 

and it all looks very exciting!

Our advertising rates remain unchanged - see the ratecard below,  and as usual every advertiser will receive 

at least 200 copies of this popular publication, 

to display on your premises.

BOOKING DEADLINE Friday 21 January 2022.

Please reserve your space 

by email to [email protected]

or call 07854 377649